detoxifying your liver and kidneys

Your liver and kidneys are vital organs that help process and filter out food, medications, alcohol and other substances that enter your body. What you take into your body can pollute your liver and kidneys, make it hard for them to function properly. This can lead to innumerable kinds of complications, including renal failure, kidney stones, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Exercising and eating the right kinds of foods are key to effectively detoxifying your liver and kidneys.

Step 1
Acidity helps detoxify the liver while helping it break down fats. It also helps prevent kidney stones from forming.

Step 2
Tannin works by helping your liver remove cholesterol out of your blood while flushing out bacteria and toxins from your kidneys.

Step 3
Add one serving of artichokes to your daily diet. Artichokes contain cynarin and chlorogenic acid that help protect and strengthen the liver while helping the kidneys filter out toxins from the blood and excrete them in urine.

Step 4
Exercise at least 30 minutes daily to strengthen your cardiovascular system. This will help improve blood flow and oxygen to your liver and kidneys while helping them process out toxins fast. Make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.