Phalaris canariensis

Canary Seed: Properties and Contraindications

“Canary Seed (Phalaris canariensis) is loaded with the most abundant enzyme lipase that is responsible for removing excess body fat; it has a good recharge capacity enzyme and is high in protein content. It contains as much protein as meat, but with stable amino acids, which are assimilated easily and leave no toxic residues in the body.

Canary Seed is formed by a 16.6% protein, which would work on different areas of the digestive system. In addition, this seed contains 11.8% fiber, which facilitates the digestive process. Amongst its components, salicylic acid and oxalic acids, these enzymes provide canary seed with an immense power to deflate our organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and pancreas, therefore regenerating pancreatic function immensely.”

There are, however, no official studies that have been done with canary seed. This is more of a grassroots movement. The logic is that if so many people have claimed beneficial results, there may be something to it. I hope that in the future studies will be done.