Diabetes is not a disease; it is a reaction of the body to survive

A body does not want to die. Nobody just likes to die, to give up, and kick the bucket. Physical discomfort is another story.

Diseases, or, that what we describe as disease are always the result of ‘something’. Colds can be sustained by coldness and rain. A broken leg can be caused by a fall. If you do not eat, you feel hungry.
You get appetite due to an empty stomach. If we eat food, the feeling will disappear. Then food was the right solution. This is not a disease, but a question of too little food.

Diabetes, a word often heard today, and it is used often, as it comes in handy. Was diabetes in earlier times also a term en vogue? Even small children are confronted with this diagnose; is this normal?
Diabetes and obesity often go together.

Our bodies however have to accept anything we eat. We use, for example, unhealthy spreads on our sandwich; spreads, only ‘one molecule different from plastic’.