Jackie and her scones are the main attraction at Casey’s Cosy Corner Cafe in the Assembly Rooms Lancaster.

In this film Jackie shares her secrets…it’s all in the hands.

3lb Plain Flour
10oz Marg
3oz Baking powerder
12oz Caster sugar
9oz Fruit
1 1/2 pts Milk
3 Eggs

Filmed as part of What’s Cooking Grandmas of Lancaster.

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1 thought on “scones”

  1. Cannot wait to try these .they sound wonderful. I am just hainvg a ball making all these great recipes I am finding on this blog and in your book as well as experimenting on my own within the guidelines. I would go with the pine (pignoli) nuts too..but then again I am an Italian who was raised on pignoli nuts which were added to meatballs, tomatoe sauce and many other dishes but I was wondering if I can replace the Romano Cheese with Parmesean cheese instead? How many can you have although I am sure they are very filling and satisfying so one would be enough, correct?

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